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This is how I work thanks to my passion.

Cold, snow and breathtaking landscapes are some of my favourite things. That's why since 2003 I've been seeking out the best MTB trails, I've been doing telemark skiing both on and off-piste, and I've been practising ski-mountaineering. Other than its technical aspect, what I love the most about this sport is its sustainability and the desire to leave no trace.


About me

I used to work as a graphic and web designer but as time went on, I realised my path was taking me somewhere else.

When I was building websites for hotels, restaurants and guesthouses, I was already taking my own photos.
The shift from "I'll take a few shots of this B&B" to "Hey, I almost like the photography more than the website building!" happened fast, and led me to experiment with various aspects of photographing interiors and exteriors.

I made sure I got the technical training, including Eizo colour correction courses and several workshops on photographing architecture and interiors, and this enabled me to turn a passion into a real profession.


My work

What I do

I provide professional photography and photo shoots for hotels, B&Bs, rural guesthouses, apartments, room rentals and restaurants in Livigno and the surrounding area.

I'm here for you if you run a hospitality business and:

  • you feel the need to valorise your business with photos that reflect your values, what you really offer and what makes you stand out from the competition;
  • you need photos for your website;
  • you want visuals for effective advertising campaigns that will reach your target audience;
  • you haven't yet defined your business goals and you need to do this prior to the shoot;
  • you already have a business plan, and I can help you reach your set goals;
  • you need monthly photo shoots;
  • you need a one-off photo shoot.

So if you have a hotel in Val Venosta, Valtellina, the Engadin, Austria, Switzerland or Livigno and you're looking for photos that can best portray it, highlighting its individuality and potential, contact me for a free initial consultancy.

How I work

The first step in a high quality photo shoot is actually listening.
It all begins with a phone call or a face-to-face meeting, during which you tell me the story of your life and your business, your values, your hopes and fears for the future and your business objectives.

Step two is to propose the type of photo shoot that's most appropriate for you: every business is different, so it's only right to be 100% flexible.

What's more, if you're struggling to define your business strategy, I can help you find the right direction.

The first question you should ask yourself is: "What does my ideal customer want?" and, even before that: "Do I know who my ideal customer is?"

How do I know about all this? I spent years involved in the family hospitality business, so I understand the needs of people who run hotels.

I've also done a lot of work on myself, both personally and through education courses. Today I continue to learn and stay up to date.

We're lucky to live in places that attract visitors all year round, but there's a lot of competition and now more than ever businesses need a well-structured plan that places them in a specific niche, and they have to stand out from the crowd with a unique offer.

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