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Three tips before you book your photo shoot.

A photo shoot is an investment that requires careful planning.

I'll give you three practical tips before you book yours:

1. Identify the target audience for the images

Plan the photo shoot in accordance with your buyer personas. A career-minded woman will not be interested in photos of children playing in the pool, but a healthy breakfast buffet or a relaxing massage may attract her attention. This way you can choose your images according to the advertising campaign you're implementing.

2. Imagine the photos that illustrate the experience you want to provide.

Make potential guests want to stay in your hotel or have dinner in your restaurant. The images should showcase not only the physical characteristics of your venue, but also the experience on offer.

Define what you want to convey; what makes you unique, the mood that's only available at your place.

3. Make a list of places, but also situations to photograph.

Your list of places is important, but so is the list of facilities and features that will help to tell the story of your hotel or restaurant. Conviviality and relaxed atmosphere; help finding the best services during a stay or food and wine pairings.
Avoid copying what you've seen and read about your competitors, let your originality and uniqueness shine through!

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