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Tourist destinations in the mountains: it's not always the centre that counts

Having read a thousand articles about Livigno and its active outdoor culture, we know that it offers a huge choice of cycle tracks, MTB trails, skiing and hiking by the lake and in the mountains.

Today we'll try and focus on how to make the most of these, which also applies to other tourist destinations that rely on outdoor sports and activities.

First of all, accessibility. In Livigno there's no need to be "in the centre", because everything is within reach. Nature offers the spectacle sought by visitors and - consequently - also the things to do.

Here you don't need the car to go to the gym or the athletics field; just go out of your house (or hotel) and you're on the ski slopes or hiking trail.

If you have a hotel or a B&B in Livorno or the vicinity, bear this in mind: it's up to you to valorise and sell this aspect. And to help you, I'd like to give you 3 tips:

TIP #1
Have a good look at the activities that are easily reached from your location. You need to know how to offer your hospitality as a package, along with the activities that make it unique.

TIP #2
Remember that many of your customers use their cars every day of the year (or almost).

Leaving the car parked for the whole of their stay at your hotel is an advantage you shouldn't underestimate, and also a small green action that will be much appreciated.

The issue of sustainability is actually one of the biggest trends in tourism in 2020-21, and extremely popular.

TIP #3
Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal guest. I assure you that they're often people who see distance from goods or services (or from the busy city centre, in the conventional sense) as an added value. If your hotel is isolated, think about it. Not everyone seeks the convenience of the bar on the corner, and not everyone is willing to be in the centre of town to obtain this convenience. There's also a clientele who seeks and desires a more isolated location.

What I mean is that you should investigate what your typical customer likes, rather than try and be the same as your competitors.

You should choose what you want to be, how to present yourself and how to identify the elements that distinguish you from any other business.

Contact me to discuss this issue and book a photo shoot that can help you showcase your identity and your uniqueness.

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