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Two sessions a month, planned on the basis of your needs.

Customers who choose Temp do so in order to keep their customers up to date with their hospitality and food news. There's always something new to say, and visual is the way to do it!

How does Temp work? We plan your communication objectives on a monthly basis, so we always know what we're photographing in advance. And the format of the images? We can adapt them to suit your customers' requirements: social media, newsletter or blog.


The service that includes an informative briefing and the identification of 3 types of images to be taken.

You can choose the combination of photos that best meets your needs:

  • superior room
  • lobby-bar
  • apartment 1
  • apartment 2
  • exteriors
  • standard room, food
  • restaurant
  • chef's team,


The photo shoot that's all about food.

When you choose my Food service, it's because you want to focus on photos of your dishes. Whether they're newly developed for your restaurant or the traditional menu of your bistro, this is the perfect shoot.

How do I deliver your photos? Set in your own location or with a white background, so you can use them for your website or social media.


The comprehensive photographic service, planned and prepared to suit your business objectives.

How does Organic work? I listen to you, and together we plan the entire shoot.

How do I deliver your photos? Rapidly and ready for use: I take care of colour correction and post production.


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