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Camana Veglia Hotel

The Camana Veglia hotel and restaurant in Livigno is a real jewel of the Valtellina. And it couldn't be any other way, considering its history and the character of its owner Carla.

Let's go back for a moment to the early 90s: Carla took over the business when her father Sandro gave her the keys to the family hotel, where they had both collected an endless series of antiques which had become an integral part of the furniture. With her flair and tireless love of details, Carla succeeded in creating an exquisitely curated atmosphere that goes straight to her guests' hearts. An atmosphere that has a flavour of home, pampers visitors and is deeply rooted in the land.


How did I help Carla?
Carla wanted the images on her website - and those on - to convey all the work done by her father and, later, by her.

She wanted people to see the details that make the lobby unique and give the bedrooms a truly mountain style.

Ultimately, she wanted, through photography, to allow potential guests to begin experiencing the rustic yet sophisticated atmosphere that has always made the Camana Veglia special. Because travel starts when you have a foretaste and begin to dream!

To achieve this, Carla chose - and continues to choose - my Dynamic service, and below you can see a few examples of photos taken:

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